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Many people do not realize that arrest records, criminal charges, and criminal convictions are a matter of public record. Because this information is so easily available now, having criminal arrest records, charges or convictions on your record can negatively affect you in many different ways. Having a “record” may now affect opportunities for employment, education, housing, loans, licenses, certifications and more.  If you are interested in clearing your record in North Carolina, you have come to the right place.

The good news is that you may be eligible to have this information completely removed from all public records! Expunction (or Expungement) is the legal process of removing this information involving a criminal offense from the public records, so that the information is no longer available to the public.

Jeffrey M. Cooper is an experienced and licensed attorney dedicated to providing the highest quality expungement services, record clearing services, and pardon services to the citizens of North Carolina at an affordable price. Call today for your consultation!


Did you know?

If you have ever been so much as arrested, there was a record created. That is true even if the charges were later dropped or dismissed! Did you know that an “arrest record” found on a person’s criminal record is often mis-interpreted as a conviction?


Other Services

Restoration of Rights Services: Expunging a record, and even some pardons do not automatically restore lost constitutional rights such as voting, or firearms possession rights. We will help you get your constitutional rights restored! Call for a quote on restoration of rights services.


Other Options for Clearing a Criminal Record:

  • Pardon – a forgiveness granted by the Chief Executive of the State


Feel free to call us to discuss these options if an expungement is not available in your case.




Have Charges Outside North Carolina?

For expungement in jurisdictions outside of North Carolina, you may find the following site helpful: www.RecordClearing.org